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Sonja Grant


Sonja Björk Grant, is a barista, roaster and trainer from Iceland. She has worked with specialty coffee since 1995, spending the first 13 years with Kaffitar in Iceland as a barista, trainer, and general manager, quality control as well as creating the company´s extensive training materials.   In 2008 she founded and run the first third wave cafe and microraostery in Iceland, Kaffismiðja Íslands, and after 5 years she sold  it . In  2016 she was back in business an founded a multi funcional coffee company, Kaffibrugghúsið.  Sonja is one of the pioneers of World Barista Championship and other barista competitions that  World Coffee Events (WCE) organization oversees.  She has been involved with judging and organizing championships around the world and being a volunteer WCE Representative and one of the Head Judges at the WCE Championships last 18 years. Sonja is a past  WCE Chairwoman, Chariwoman of Roaster Guild of Europe, and is current Vice Chair of Coffee Roaster Guild. She is an AST, worked  with SCAE and SCAA for over 18 years and being one of the trainer/teacher in WCEP program and Judge Certifications for International judges. 

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